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Primary Source ID: 1474

Incident IDs

a sample incident id
Here you should input incident IDs from DataLossDB that match this particular primary source. This is the most important part of the process. Find them by searching DatalossDB. The incident ID number is both in the URL bar, and at the top of the Incident details page.

If you do not find an incident for this primary source, then you may add the incident to the database. New incidents require moderator approval before being added to the website.

(Is this source associated with more than one incident?)


Please write (or edit if needed) a brief one paragraph synopsis of the file.

RecordsFile Date

Supply the number of records for the locality of the document. For instance, input 400 if the document states that 400 NY residents were affected. Do not use this field to input a total number of people affected, simply the number for the locality of provided.

Supply the date of the notification. For instance, if the notice (letter or fax) was sent on January 30th, 2008, choose that date here.


Moderators will review your changes before they go live.

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