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A company-issued laptop computer was stolen from an employee's car. There were several other robberies reported in the area at that time. The personal information contained on the computer had names, email addresses, social security numbers and other work related financial information.
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2007-12-21_Wendys.pdfHawaii Office of Consumer Protectiond2d <a href='/incidents/show/1909'>1909</a>
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1092 2007-12-21 2009-03-18 18 Apr 14:23

. t) _,l " . ‘ . ,-__ - ,, . I. I it ,, ; . [ lilll i, , ·` . I .§'.l—$·».° _.,. J- ` GDNIIIHH December 21, 2007 VIA FACSIMILE & ORDINARY AMIL Office of Consumer Protection ; _ ·* ;...

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