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Open Security Foundation is the new host of DataLossDB, which will serve as a community-driven project for information about data breaches that involve personally identifying information.'s data loss resources have essentially been completely migrated to DataLossDB, so please make sure to bookmark DataLossDB for updates. You can now track all of this information through the DataLossDB RSS feed.

Data Loss is a not-for-profit mail list that covers topics such as news releases regarding large-scale personal data loss and personal data theft incidents. This list is announce only, new incidents and news regarding data loss are posted to this list, but discussion is not permitted.

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With over 2,000 subscribers to date, the Data Loss Mail List is a valuable resource for those interested in receiving news and discussions about recent events of interest. If you have any questions or comments about the list, please mail [email protected]

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This is the discussion mailing list, lightly moderated. Discussion about incidents, indictments, legislation, and recovery of lost or stolen personal data is encouraged. Posts and replies containing endorsements for commercial products and/or services, on or off list, are strongly discouraged by list moderators.

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This is a low-volume (once weekly) mailing list, sent out every Monday morning, detailing all the data loss incidents added in the past week. This list also includes older incidents that are backfilled (either via primary sources, or in general).

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