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The Week of Sunday, April 20, 2014

Former employee of contractor obtained Balt. Co. workers' personal data

2013-11-01 - The Baltimore Sun

Man to be extradited to Md. to face unrelated identity-theft charges Baltimore County authorities say they found Social Security numbers and other personal information from more than 12,000 current and former county workers on the computer of a man w... Via DayLife

Why Texans Should Be Most Worried About Identity Theft

2013-05-22 - The Business Insider's no secret just how problematic it can be to fall victim to identity theft, a recent study shows that people may be more exposed to the crime than they realize. "For $10, anyone is able to buy the personal information of another person, and this data is... Via DayLife

Florida's Identity-Theft Rate Dwarfs Others

2013-05-20 -

...identity theft as Florida. Nevada is No.6 and even carrying the full weight of Sin City reports only 30% as many victims of identity theft as does Florida. Same thing for Arizona, which like Florida is a haven for retirees. Let's jump down to the median, where... Via DayLife

Paralegal sentenced in theft of $400,000 from Foley lawyer which destroyed victims' livelihoods

2013-05-17 - Everything Alabama

...Attorney George May. Williamson will serve 40 months for one count of bank fraud and 24 months for one count of aggravated identity theft. She will serve the sentences concurrently and then be placed on supervised release for five years. Reporter Brendan Kirby... Via DayLife

Orlando, N.Y. criminals stole millions in tax refund fraud

2013-03-23 - Orlando Sentinel

...with Social Security numbers who don't pay federal taxes if they are living on the island. IRS officials have made identity theft a top priority and spent the last two years cracking down on identity theft rings across the country. Authorities busted a New... Via DayLife

ID theft biggest fraud threat, says Cifas

2013-01-22 -

...identities. Account takeover fraud, where a fraudster gains access to and hijacks the running of an account through the theft of security details rocketed by 53% compared with the previous year to 38,428 incidents. Personal details are stolen by using various... Via DayLife

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The Data Loss Database doesn't include every breach we hear about in the database. We mostly go by a set of criteria, but also gut instinct. While some breaches involve the release of personal information, many are simply not a breach that could reasonably lead to identity theft. Also, some breaches affect so few people that they are more or less petty crime. Lastly, if we can't tie an organization to a breach, we're reluctant to add it as an incident in the main database. For news items and others, we now have "The Blotter".


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Card Info-Stealing Skimmers Are "All Over" IE

2012-12-08 - NBC Los Angeles his girlfriend, said Stringer, who is assigned to the gang team at Rancho Cucamonga Station but has been working on identity theft cases. Criminals who install skimmers at gas stations pull up to a pump, typically in a van, blocking the view of attendants,...

Via DayLife

Nationwide Security Breach Raises Priority of IT Security

2012-12-05 - Insurance & Technology

...assistance, including offering credit monitoring and identity theft protection for those impacted with $1 million in free identity theft insurance coverage with no deductible. Nationwide has acknowledged that the breach affected people in all 50 states, and...

Via DayLife

IRS Employee Accused of Identity Theft

2012-07-10 - Forbes

...efforts to protect taxpayers from identity theft. I?m guessing that IRS didn?t expect to have to protect taxpayers from identity theft from its own employees. However, that?s exactly what federal investigators allege happened in . An Orlando television station,...

Via DayLife

Zeus returns: FBI warns of 'Gameover' ID-theft malware

2012-01-10 - ZDNet

...defeating common methods of user authentication employed by financial institutions. A new variant of the notorious Zeus identity-theft Trojan is making the rounds and the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) says it is capable of defeating common methods of...

Via DayLife

4 guilty in identity theft, tax fraud ring

2013-05-31 - San Francisco Chronicle

...wire fraud and aggravated identity theft. Christopher Edwards , of Eutaw, Ala., pleaded guilty Thursday to aggravated identity theft. Authorities say the four used stolen personal information and fabricated wage and withholding information to prepare more... Via DayLife

Ex-bank manager charged in theft of $28K

2013-05-23 - Atlanta Business Chronicle

...Bank of Georgia branch on Bethelview Road in west Forsyth, is charged with three counts each of third degree forgery and identity fraud, Forsyth News reports. She also faces one count each of computer forgery, theft by taking, computer theft and computer trespass.... Via DayLife

Proposed Rule Could Help Kids Replace Stolen Social Security Numbers

2013-05-21 - FOX Business

...they support the idea, though they suggested raising the age of those eligible for new numbers to 18 and under, since many identity-theft victims might not realize they've been victimized until they start their first jobs. One of the few opponents was a representative... Via DayLife

Identity thieves don't steal just credit cards

2013-05-20 -

Not all that long ago, many of us thought we only had to watch our credit cards to avoid ID theft. If the crooks didn't get the numbers on our plastic, we thought, they couldn't live it up and go on a wild shopping spree like the one in the movie “Identi Via DayLife

Human Resources Canada faces 4 lawsuits over lost data

2013-01-22 - CBC News

...10,000 students took out OSAP loans during that time. Lindsay Gyori is a former student from Windsor and worries about identity theft. "I have no control over who that person is or what that person might do with my information, so it is alarming," she said.... Via DayLife

Is identity theft insurance worth the cost?

2013-01-20 - Louisville Courier-Journal

...recommend it. Melissa Mottley, sergeant of the financial crimes squad of Louisville Metro Police, said her unit had 452 identity theft cases in 2012, compared to 459 in 2011 and 435 in 2010. Nationwide, the Federal Trade Commission recorded 250,854 complaints... Via DayLife

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