About DataLossDB

What We Do

Every day, we scour news feeds, blogs, and other websites looking for data breaches, new and old. We search for incidents that need to be updated, or incidents that are not yet in the database. We also provide relevant information to members of the mailing list, and Tweet out to Twitter.

News that we find in the course of searching for breaches that does not fully qualify as a breach, but that is still relevant to identity theft or data security gets added to the Blotter.

In addition to scouring the internet for breaches, we also regularly send out Freedom of Information (Public Records / Open Records) requests to various US States requesting breach notification documents they receive as a result of various state legislation.

These notices are then added to the Primary Sources Archive. We comb through these documents and associate them with Incidents, and enter in some basic information regarding the notifications.

These Primary Sources give us deeper insight into data loss incidents, and also uncover incidents that slipped by the media unnoticed.

Why We Do It

The Open Security Foundation feels that there is a distinct need for resources that provide unbiased, high quality data regarding data loss. By providing this sort of resource, we feel we can help accomplish the following:

  • Improve awareness of data security and identity theft threats to consumers.
  • Provide accurate statistics to CSO's and CTO's to assist them in decision making.
  • Provide governments with reliable statistics to assist with their consumer protection decisions and initiatives.
  • Assist legislators and citizens in measuring the effectiveness of breach notification laws.
  • Gain a better understanding of the effects of, and effectiveness of "compliance".

Who We Are

Curators are:

  • Dissent
  • Jake Kouns
  • Brian Martin


The quickest way to get in touch with us is via email. Send email to curators at datalossdb.org

We will attend to your email as quickly as possible.

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